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Repair Shoreline Revetment – Diego Garcia

Posted in Featured, Infrastructure - Heavy

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Shoreline Revetment Project is located at U.S. Navy Support Facility (NSF) Diego Garcia; a coral horseshoe-shaped...

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Hotel Nikko Piling Works, Hotel Tsubaki Project

Posted in Featured, Other Specialty Construction

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: PHR Corporation, a major hotel owner in Guam, engaged designers then sought bidders to build a 26 story annex to the...

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Matson Office Building – Guam

Posted in Commercial, Featured

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Matson Office Building project was borne after an unfortunate fire ruined their prior office space at the Port...

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Saipan Comfort Homes

Posted in Featured, Residential

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project consisted of forty (40) 2-BR apartment units of approximately 1,000 SF each. Site work included...

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Puerto Rico Dump Closure – Saipan, CNMI

Posted in Featured, Public Works - Environmental

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Based on the scope of work description on the specifications of the project, the Puerto Rico Dump Closure has 3 major...

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