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Work Performance

Infrastructure Development

Since the 1960’s there has been a rapid infrastructural development on Guam, the CNMI and Micronesia which includes the Federated States or Micronesia and Republic of Palau. Black and its affiliates has been a pioneer and instrumental in providing the construction services and expertise in constructing highways, bridges, sub-divisions, airport terminals and airfields, dams, wharves, breakwaters, water systems, power and telephone systems in addition to many drainage and sewer utilities throughout the Pacific region.

Black’s long association with Guam, the CNMI and Micronesia provides invaluable knowledge for each location with specific emphasis on logistics, manpower and equipment resources, material procurement and delivery and local customs enabling Black the ability to build projects safely and productively.

One unique project which illustrates Black’s “can do” spirit is the Weno village water system that was constructed utilizing a slow sand filtration design on the island of Pohnpei. This project was located several miles from the nearest road.  The project’s terrain and logistical challenges prevented the use of heavy equipment and typical machinery normally expected to be used on a project of this nature. Black’s ability to employ local manpower from the village in addition to renting a local village water buffalo provided the means of constructing the project safely and on schedule. Black’s efforts were eventually recognized by receiving a National Award for Engineering Excellence.

Another notable project worthy of mentioning is the construction of the airport terminal and runway for Kosrae State in the FSM.   This was a logistical challenge requiring a complete earthmoving spread, asphalt plant and rock crushing equipment required to be mobilized for the supply of over 30,000 tons of crushed rock mandated for the asphalt paving of their new runway.

From the smallest to the largest project, Black has the management, engineering, skilled manpower, equipment resources and expertise to construct any project. Our motto is to provide a Safe working environment while we construct our projects to the highest standards possible within budget and schedule.

Building Construction

BCC’s building construction experience is comprehensive. From multistory hotels and offices, to major rehabilitation and renovation projects, to public and military facilities, the company has the teamwork, knowledge and respect to build new facilities or renovate existing occupied buildings ensuring the least amount of impact to existing occupants.
BCC understands the complexities of resort and commercial construction and acknowledges the importance of a close working relationship between client, operator, architect and contractor.

By negotiation, BCC offers a fast track, high quality construction service from concept to completion providing an integrated civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical package. Value engineering and innovative technology, including pre-cast and foundation techniques, will save clients time and cost.