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New Celine Boutique Interior Construction, Tumon Sands Plaza, Tumon, Guam


Celine Boutique Black Construction Corporation was contracted to do the design and construction of the interior renovation of the existing Celine Boutique at the Tumon Sands Plaza including securing building and occupancy permits.  This required the complete demolition of the existing Loewe Boutique to make way for the new Celine store.  The interior work required modification to the air-conditioning, electrical and fire protection system to adapt to the new shop layout.  Other works included the replacement of all store furniture and fixtures which were all pre-fabricated from Singapore, complete refinishing of the interior walls, floors and gypsum board drop ceiling at the store area, office and storage room replacement/installation of new light fixtures, new mirrors, counters/shelves, wood panel flooring, imported marble floor tiles, painted walls and ceilings, new mirror doors and display windows and a new aluminum storefront from Hong Kong complete with Celine signage and lighting.

Final Contract Amount:
Contract Completion Date: