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GWA Hagatna Sewage Treatment Plant Refurbishment

GWA Hagatna Sewage Treatment Plant Refurbishment
The project entailed the design and construction of the Hagatna Sewage Treatment Plant Refurbishment project including contractor’s removal of all sewage, sludge, and grit from the clarifiers and digesters,  rehabilitation of the plant’s existing concrete structures with epoxy crack injection and spall repairs, removal and replacement of all mechanical and electrical process equipment, pumps, conduit and piping within the plant’s headworks, clarifiers, pump gallery, aerobic digesters, and dewatering building with new modern day pumping, process, dewatering, and control equipment, renovation of the plant’s administration building, new HVAC system, exterior and interior painting, replacement of storm damaged revetment, major structural repair of three bridge culverts and re-paving of facility’s driveway and parking areas.GWA Hagatna Sewage Treatment Plant Refurbishment

Were there any significant problems experienced on this project? If so, explain and provide solution.

There were no significant problems on the project. Although the plant was turned over on schedule the project duration was extended to allow for the manufacturing and delivery of a specialized sludge dumpster hoist truck per customer’s request.

Notable Features:

  • Design-build project, requiring close cooperation with GWA engineering and plant operational staff to meet USEPA mandate plant start-up schedule. Project included the provision of remote SCADA monitoring capabilities.