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GIAA Generator and Electrical Room Fire Protection System, Guam


GIAA Generator Electrical Room

This project was awarded to Black Construction Corporation through the competitive bidding process at a total contract amount of $578,000 with contract duration of 180 calendar days. The contract required renovation work (architectural and structural), but the major elements of the project was required upgrade of the fire detection, alarm and suppression system in the three main electrical rooms and the fuel oil (JP-4) day tank located at the generator room area.

The fire detection system in the electrical rooms consisted of two cross zoned smoke detectors installed in the protected area that, when activated, sends a signal to the fire alarm panel and triggers the fire suppression system’s release of damp Argon in the electrical rooms.  Argon fire suppression system is a clean, clear and odorless inert gas that displaces oxygen inside the room to extinguish the fire.

GIAA Generator Electrical Room

The fire detection system in the day tank area consisted of two cross zoned flame detectors that triggers the release of the fire suppression system’s AFFF foam through a deluge valve on the main sprinkler riser.GIAA Generator Electrical Room

Other works performed on this project include the following:

  • Installation of a 5-ton roof top packaged air conditioning unit
  • Installation of an 8,400 cfm in-line exhaust fan and ductwork at the generator room area
  • Erection of a concrete air well for the generator exhaust system
  • Erection of a gypsum board enclosure and provision of air conditioning for the existing generator control panel
  • Erection of glass blocks at the East and West electrical rooms
Certificate of AwardGIAA Generator Electrical Room
Guam Contractors Association 2002 Excellence in Construction Awards
Mechanical-Commercial Under $2M-Category Winner
GIAA Generator Electrical Room

GIAA Generator Electrical RoomGIAA Generator Electrical Room