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Traffic Management Center

Traffic Management CenterBlack completed the Traffic Management Center and extensive electronic communication and surveillance system for the Government of Guam, Department of Public Works at a cost of $9.8 million.  The project was implemented in cooperation with and funding provided by the Federal Highway Administration.  It connects Guam’s heavily traveled roadways within the business centers of Hagatna, Tamuning and Dededo.The requirements of this design/build project included a completely operational 10,000 SF Traffic Management Center and Signal Modernization work.  The objectives of the project included providing the necessary equipment to accomplish the following:

  • Maximize the traffic handling capacity of Guam’s highways;
  • Optimize the transportation systems efficiency;
  • Improve traffic safety, reduce traffic delays, mitigate traffic congestion;
  • Reduce energy and fuel consumption; and
  • Improve environmental quality.

This Traffic Management Center was a design-build project intended to deliver a complete, operational, traffic-responsive and coordinated traffic signal system.  The project included the construction of a 2‑storey, 10,000 SF concrete Control Center building to serve as the central headquarters for traffic operations on Guam and as the maintenance facility for the traffic signal system.  The Center was equipped with the proper hardware, software, and communication systems for a fully functional traffic signal system.  A fiber optic backbone along Routes 1, 16 and 4 was utilized as the communication link between the traffic management center and the signalized intersections on those routes.  A CCTV traffic signal surveillance system was installed at critical intersections to monitor and track conditions and congestion.  Traffic signal timing may be adjusted remotely at the traffic management center.  Preemption detectors were being provided at selected intersections as a safety measure for emergency vehicle access.  New mast arms and signals had also been provided at selected intersections.  Other works included modification and upgrade of existing traffic signals and installation of system (video) detectors at key locations for traffic volume and speed.

We developed a mitigation strategy to handle any potential problems.  The plan allowed Black to progress on this project without major difficulties therefore, no significant problems were encountered.  The Traffic Management Center was completed ahead of its scheduled date of January 01, 2002.  Traffic Signalization work was completed as scheduled in August 2002 at which time the system became completely operational.  As a result of Black’s outstanding performance on this contract, Federal Highways/Guam Department of Public Works issued a Change Order awarding additional intersection upgrades and revising the final completion date to March 30, 2003.  Subsequently, SuperTyphoon Pongsona struck Guam with winds gusting in excess of 180 mph on December 08, 2002 resulting in the additional requirement for repairs to traffic signals and further extending project completion to July 31, 2003.


Certificate of Award
Guam Contractors Association 2002 Excellence in Construction Awards
Electrical-Industrial $2-$10M-Category Winner