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Wholehouse Revitalization, New Apra Heights – Guam

This project consisted of the whole house revitalization of unoccupied USN enlisted quarters at New Apra Heights.  Situated about 3 miles from the U.S. Naval Command, New Apra consists of 146 units within two-story six-plex and four-plex structures.  The US Navy Housing Department required construction to proceed in three phases to avoid vacating the entire housing area, retaining the use of good units during construction and relocating tenants as newly refurbished units were turned over.  Notice of award of Phase I, consisted of 44 units and was issued on August 27, 2004.  At that time the housing subdivision had occupancy of 30%.  Approximately 40% of the 146 units had severe roof problems including significant leaks, termite infestation and a fire damaged unit.

New Apra Heights

The wholehouse revitalization included the removal of hazardous materials (asbestos floor tiles, PCB’s and mercury containing lamps), new driveways and garages, exterior storages, trash enclosures, privacy walls, concrete roof slab over each patio and entrance porch, termite control, plumbing rough-in work, duct work, electrical rough-ins, waterproofing, drywall system, wood doors, interior and exterior paint finishes, electric kitchen equipment, electrical fixtures and devices, centralized air conditioning, bathroom fixtures and bath accessories, repair kitchen and bathroom cabinets and window treatment.  Site work improvements included re-routing of main sewer line on three locations, new water and sewer service lines, storm drainage improvements, parking lot rehabilitation, landscaping, paved jogging paths and a basketball court.

On February 7, 2003 the US Navy exercised Option 1 & 2 of the contract and awarded Phase II & III consisting of 62 units and 42 units respectively, increasing the contractamount to $19,629,429.00.  Since then, subsequent owner requested changes increased the contract amount to its present value of $20,525,296.New Apra Heights

During Phase I, the productivity of the project was hindered by various issues concerning safety, security and the nuisance of construction operations affecting the “Quality of Life” for the residents.  This was also amplified by the tenants being required to use the main entry employed by BCC for construction of the project.  Naval base security requirements also took a toll on material deliveries and hauling operations during Phase I due to security checks requiring additional time of 30 minutes per truck, tying up equipment up to several hours each day.

New Apra HeightsWhen Phase I units were turned over, BCC partnered with USN Housing to open an alternate temporary gate for the tenants.  This ultimately isolated the construction activities from the occupied area allowing BCC to utilize the main gate exclusively for construction.  This was made possible by moving all tenants previously living in units in Phase II & III to Phase I.  Once BCC secured its own gate, the previous restrictions and impacts allowed the construction to progress at an accelerated pace.


Certificate of Award
Guam Contractors Association 2005 Excellence in Construction Awards
Renovation $10-99M-Category Winner