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Weather Forecast Station for the National Weather Service – Tiyan, Guam

Weather Forecast StationAwarded at $2.76M, this was a “design-build” contract.  Black has employed the services of Design Partners, Inc. from Honolulu, HI to do the design portion of the project.The Weather Forecast Station was an award winning project for Black construction.  Although it was not supported by pre-stressed pre-cast piles it utilized pre-stressed pre-cast tilt-up wall panels and roof planks to provide the fundamental structural elements.  In addition to the concrete superstructure, the design also required an HVAC system with variable controls and room temperature settings for the various requirements of the National Weather Service.

The project also included the installation of a lightning protection system, electrolytic grounding rods, grounding to meet 10 ohms, grounding ring for grounding system and bonding for very sensitive electronic equipment for weather tracking.  The systems designed and installed have performed without fail since they were commissioned.The only significant challenges encountered involved discrepancies between the Solicitation Specifications and the final Contract Specifications.  BCC maintained a proactive approach toward managing this project however, and these issues were resolved in an efficient manner. Our effective coordination with all parties involved (OICC, Designer) enabled BCC to successfully meet the challenges of this contract.[hr]