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Scope of work involved removing and transporting 2,000CY of sludge from the Umatac-Merizo WWTP lagoon and disposing it in eathern berm cells created to hold the sludge, replacing duplex sewage pumps and controls and distribution valving at Umatac-Merizo WWTP; replacement of 14 sewage pumps and controls at Chaligan, Ga’an, Tipalao, Tap Mangilao and Souther Link sewage pumps stations, and replacement of blowers, controls, aeration piping and diffusers at Agat WWTP. A major change order adding 7 additional sewage pumps and controls to the project was issued on July 13, 2011.gwaarra2

Were there any significant problems experienced on this project? If so, explain and provide solution.

Replacement of the aeration piping and diffusers within the Agat WWTP has been held up by the negotiations between GWA and the USEPA regarding the bypassing of the Agat WWTP during the repairs. The negotiations were resolved in September 30, 2011.