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Install Marine Loading Arms at Fuel Piers Delta and Echo, COMNAVMAR, Guam


COMNAVMAR Fuel PiersThe MILCON project is an upgrade to the existing facilities owned by the US Naval Forces Marianas, Fuel Division Supply Depot located at Delta and Echo piers.  This facility is being used to receive POL liquids from barges and tankers to bulk storage tanks at Sasa Valley and to issue JP-5 fuel to military ships.  Provided below are the activities and the nature of work performed on this contract.

  1. Installation of six (6) sets of 8″ diameter hydraulically operated Marine Loading Arms and related piping; three sets on each pier, Delta and Echo.
    – Prior to the installation of the loading arms the using activity was using large diameter hoses on their operation to offload and issue fuel (JP-5, Diesel, etc.) to military ships. The use of these larger rubber hoses are a high risk to personnel safety and oil spills during operation
    – Despite the delays encountered during the equipment submittal approval process, the proactive approach by BCC management expedited the fabrication of the arms to meet the original schedule. The Marine Loading Arms were assembled at the factory in Houston, Texas and due to the physical dimension of the equipment a special stretch drop deck truck was used to deliver the arms to the West Coast port then to Guam. The factory fabricated a special type of stanchion that was used to support and secure the arms during shipment.
    – In the presence of the manufacturer’s representative, BCC riggers applied their expertise to carefully install the arms in place using a 30-ton hydraulic boom crane.
  2. The erection of a new filtration building was required to house the new filter separators and micronic filters including the interconnecting piping and double block and bleed valves. Three (3) sets of flow control valves were also provided with a calibrated flow rate of 1200 gallons per minute.
    – A new security chain link fence with helical razor wire concertina was installed to secure and protect the filtration station.
  3. A portion of the mechanical work was subcontracted to Weldin Construction Inc. (WCI), which is based out of Alaska. WCI’s scope of work included the supply of materials, installation and commissioning of the new filtration system. Included in their scope was to connect/tap the new filtration system to the existing fuel lines and supply piping to the loading arms at the piers.COMNAVMAR Fuel Piers
  4. All welded piping joints were subjected to 100% radiographic testing by an independent testing agency hired to perform this test.
  5. Pacific Foundation Corporation was subcontracted to perform the underwater welding work consisting of approximately 94 lineal feet of doubler plates welded on the existing structural steel wide flange that supports Delta pier.
  6. Additional work included electrical upgrade and installation of a new fire alarm system and perimeter lighting at the fuel piers.


Prior to the start of the project, there was an issue concerning the required tie ins to the existing fuel lines. However, with the aid of proper coordination and planning of the work, the tie in activity went smoothly and with less interruption to the operation of the using agency.COMNAVMAR Fuel Piers


Features :

  • Installation of fully hydraulically operated Marine Loading Arms used to receive and issue various types of fuels to and from the ship or barge.

Certificate of Award
Guam Contractors Association 2004 Excellence in Construction Awards
Other Specialty Construction Category Winner