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Commercial Port Facility Expansion a US DOT Maritime Administration funded project to expand the existing container year and upgrade site utilities, area lighting, storm drainage and treatment facilities at the Guam Commercial Port to modernize and expand the port’s vessel handling capabilities.gcpipef

  • New Container Yard improvements consisted of storm drainage and oil-water separators, water distribution system, 270,000 gallon concrete fire water storage tank, pump stations and fire hydrants, paving of the container yard, inbound/ outbound truck parking and gate employee parking, signage, striping and fencing. Electrical work included a new load center (LC-5), electrical distribution and high mast lighting. Demolition work included the removal of light poles interfering with the expansion area.
  • New Terminal Gate improvements consisted of paving of the gate complex, a new gate structure, CMU wall and chain-link fencing, storm drainage, and two guard shacks. Electrical work included the lighting of the gate area.
  • Existing Container Yard demolition included the demolition of fencing near the existing gate and demolition of existing fencing along the eastern and southeastern border allowing access into the expanded container yard. Improvements consisted of installation of ten oil/water separators, equipment wash rack facility and high mast-lighting.
  • Environmental Remediation included the handling, treatment and disposal of 989 cubic yards of oil contaminated soils that was encountered during the construction of these improvements.
  • Break Bulk Yard improvements consisted of a new Break Bulk gate, CMU wall, guard shack, paving of expanded Break Bulk area and employee parking, signage and striping and chain-link fence and gates. Electrical work included distribution and light poles for employee parking. Demolition and removal works included the existing Break Bulk Gate and adjacent CMU wall and the signage and medians adjacent to and affected by the expansion of the existing Break Bulk Area.
  • Chassis Wheel Stop improvements consisted of demolition and removal of up to 500 existing damaged chassis wheel stops and replacement with new chassis wheel stops.
  • Crane Shop improvements consisted of demolition and removal of the Crane Shop, including removal of the concrete slab, replacement paving for a smooth transition in the area, and removal of the existing 13.8 KV supply line.


Job No.:




U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD)


Original Contract Amount:

$ 27,197,082.00


Final Contract Amount:



Start Date:

April 02, 2014


Original Completion Date:

July 8, 2015


Final Completion Date:

October 04, 2015


Liquidated damages assessed:



Percentage of work performed:

Subcontractor – 82%


Project Manager:

Dean E. Bates, P.E.


Job-Site Superintendent:

Robert M. Redolozo


Quality Control Manager:

Alex G. Factor

Customer Evaluation:

PPQ – Exceptional