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The scope of work included the widening of Route 3, from just south of the Route 28 intersection, roughly 3 miles northward to Potts Junction.  The roadway was improved from the previous two-lane bidirectional roadway to a widened four-lane road with two through lanes in each direction, and a median two-way left turn lane.  The project included improvements to multiple intersections including new traffic signals and controllers.  In general, the new roadway includes five each HMA paved lanes; two each northbound lanes and two each southbound lanes, with an 11 ft. wide median.  Both northbound and southbound lanes included 11 ft. wide inner lanes, and 14 ft. wide outer lanes to accommodate a “bike lane”.  Work also included clearing and grubbing for the widened roadway, new and upgraded pavement structural sections, grading, drainage, bio-swales, retaining walls, sidewalks, a pedestrian path, signalized intersections including lighting, utility relocations and adjustments, guardrail, pavement markings, signs, traffic control, security fencing, and erosion control.  The project was funded by Department of Defense, with monies transferred to the Federal Highway Administration for stewardship under the Guam Territorial Federal-aid Highway Program and used by the Guam DPW Highways Division.  The scope of work for the project required that the roadway remain fully operational for the duration of the contract performance period. Temporary Traffic Control Plans were fully implemented for safety.

Several Notable features of work included:

  • Performed intensive construction survey and staking for new roadway limits, established excavation depths and new grade fill elevations for new roadway, and eventually precise establishment of roadway pavement markings.
  • Establishment and Maintenance of extensive Erosion Control devices and daily dust control.
  • Carried out roughly 35 acres of clearing and grubbing.
  • Addressed extensive Removal and Relocation of sewer and drain intake manholes, headwalls, light and utility poles, overhead power lines and cross-arms, waterlines, NCTS Com and Power manholes and underground primary power cables, signs, bus-stop shelters, box culverts, fence, guardrails, and existing asphalt and concrete pavement and curbs.
  • Performed roughly 45,000 cy of roadway excavation, placement & grading of over 110,000 sy of sub-base material, and placement & grading of over 130,000 sy of base course. Also, performed over 31,000 cy of embankment construction.
  • Milled 50,000 sy of existing asphalt surface, and the performed the placement of over 43,000 tons of new HMA pavement.
  • Constructed roughly 10,600 lf (2 miles) of 8 ft. wide HMA paved Pedestrian Path on the west side of roadway.
  • Installed three new traffic signal systems & controllers with vehicle detector amplifier loops.
  • Construction of approximately 3,500 lf of pipe culvert of various diameter, concrete headwalls, manholes, and storm drain inlets.
  • Installation of 3,000 lf of infiltration trench, and over 15,000 lf of bio-swale.
  • Construct roughly 9,000 lf of concrete curb and gutter and 4,500 lf of 5 ft. wide concrete sidewalk. 
  • Elevation adjustment of 29 ea. existing Sewer MH.
  • Construct 2 ea. Retaining Walls, for a total of 1,400 lf and install over 130 lf of new guardrail. 
  • Installed 5,000 lf of chain-link fence, with 16 ft. wide gate, and 46 ea. bollards.
  • Installed 158 ea. sign and post systems for various traffic information or direction.
  • Placed over 75,000 lf of thermos-plastic pavement marking lines.
  • Construction Quality Management (CQM) program with Payment Performance Criteria to outstanding results.

Project Completed within extended contract schedule (change order due to increased quantities), and within budget.

Department of Public Works, Transportation and Highway

Contract No.:

Original Contract Amount:

Final Contract Amount:

Final Contract Completion Date:
July 14, 2020

Actual Date Contract Accepted:
November 28, 2017

Start Date:
December 27, 2017

Was Offeror Prime Contractor or Subcontractor:

Percentage of Work Performed:

Liquidated Damages Assessed:

Project Manager:
Wilfredo G. Diwa

Quality Control Manager:
Elmer L. Mercader

Customer Evaluation:
Past Performance Questionnaire – Exceptional Rating