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Chuuk International Airport Runway


Located on Weno Island in the middle of the infamous World War II Chuuk Lagoon, the Chuuk International Airport Runway Rehabilitation Project is a MAJOR reconstruction of the existing airfield. The airport receives regular commercial flights from Guam and Honolulu, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines.

Contracted Scope of Work included:

The scope of work included the milling and placement of new HMA paving on the existing 6,000 LF x 150 LF asphalt runway, taxiway and apron. In addition, 25 ft. wide shoulders, widened runway, end turn-arounds and 200 LF blast pads at each end of the runway were milled and paved. Two PCCP “hardstands”, for aircraft parking, were demolished and reconstructed.   All airfield lighting was raised with extension rings to the newly paved runway, taxiway and apron elevations. The full runway length was grooved to eliminate hydroplaning and improve performance during heavy rainstorms.

Associated Civil Works included major improvements (excavation/granular fill/concrete lining) of the drainage structure along the “mountain-side” of the reef runway, as well as similar significant activities for the stabilization of drainage embankments. Also constructed were 2 large perimeter-control bar-screen structures located near the major drainage outlet to the lagoon. These structures were also built with the full width of the AOA, with massive PCCP crest caps. Both the North and South ends of the runway were reconstructed with concrete and armor stone revetment to improve and further protect the edges.

The scope of work for the project required that the airport remain fully operational for the 12 weekly aircraft landings/departures, for the duration of the contract performance period (730 days). Maintaining airport operations in a remote, tropical region that experiences almost 150 inches of rain/year, posed unique challenges.

Contract No.:


Project Manager:

Richard J. Mangham

Project Superintendent:

Emerson S. Ortiz

QC Manager:

Elmer L. Mercader

Original Contract Amount:


Final Contract Amount:


Original Contract Completion:

January 10, 2018

Final Contract Completion:

October 15, 2017

Actual Date Contract Accepted:

November 09, 2015

Start Date:

January 11, 2016

Liquidated damages assessed:


Owner/Customer Point of Contact:

FSM National Government, Department of TC&I/                       Lukner Weilbacher, Secretary

Owner/Customer phone/fax Nos:

Phone No. 691.320.2865

Percentage of work performed:


Was Offeror Prime Contractor or Subcontractor?

Prime Contractor

Customer Evaluation: