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AMEC Repair Replacement of South Ramp 6 Hardstand and Runway 24L Overrun – AAFB, Guam

Black Construction Corporation (BCC) was contracted by AMEC to remove approximately 1000 lf of existing asphalt pavement at the South Runway Overrun area, re-grade and re-compact 6” of base course and replace the original AC surface with 16” of new PCC flexural concrete pavement and incidentals. Additional work at the overrun required the removal of the threshold lighting and reinstallation during the final concreting phase of the work. Also included was the final new asphalt paving tie-in requirements from the new PCC overrun section to the existing asphalt runway. During the initial phase of the overrun project, BCC encountered a very bad rainy season for 2004.

The months of June and August saw recorded precipitation for each respective month of 38 and 37 inches not to mention two major typhoons which eventually turned to Super typhoons once they passed Guam. In the aftermath BCC again had to deal with the increased rainfall during these periods. Despite the inclement weather delays and a 45 day delay in receiving the clearance to work from AMEC and the Air Force for the clear zone, BCC was able to turn the project over in the specified time of September 30 2004 allowed by the Air Force.

  • Installation of Runway and Threshold Lights
  • Saw-Cutting & Sealing of Contraction Joints @ 20′ O.C.
  • Installation of Counterpoise Wire and Ground Pods
  • Asphalt Concrete Pavement Patching
  • Installation of Aircraft Tie-Downs

South Ramp 6 Hardstand: BCC replaced existing concrete hardstand pavement sections which were damaged and deteriorated over the years. The hardstand sections also required the re-installation of the pavement tie-downs for parked aircraft. Included as another part of the scope was the counterpoise grounding requirements for both the hardstand and the runway lighting. BCC was very proud to be a part of this project and received an overall outstanding performance evaluation.

Certificate of Award
Guam Contractors Association 2005 Excellence in Construction Awards
Public Works/Environmental Category