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PACAIR GIAA Integrated Cargo Facilites – Tiyan, Guam

On March 18, 2008 the Pac Air GIAA Integrated Cargo Facilities Project broke ground amidst a sense of anticipation and optimism among the many people involved in the project. The project was a pioneering partnership between a Government Agency – Guam International Airport Authority and the private sector represented by Pac Air Properties, LLC. Ultimately, this state of the art facility will be managed and operated by Pac Air Properties, LLC.


Black Construction Corporation was selected as the Prime Contractor with RIM Architects to lead the Design Team as well as to act as Construction Managers. The project, a 170,500 square foot warehouse, office and support facility on a 12.4 acre compound was envisioned to bring enormous benefits to the island in terms of providing a tremendous amount of increase in air cargo handling capacity from 30,000 tons to a whooping 3.5 M tons. Not to mention, the estimated 1,500 additional jobs directly generated as a result of constructing and operating the facilities. In view of the impending Military Build-up, this project will propel into the forefront of regional economic activities which will positively influence and benefit not only the island of Guam but the Marianas Region as a whole.

The main facility is a 150′ wide x 886′ long Warehouse building which has a total 130, 000 square foot warehouse space plus 35,000 square foot elevated mezzanine office areas. The warehouse building, which is TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved has direct access to the AOA (Airline Operations Area) providing a seamless transition for handling and inspection procedures of all cargo.

Security doors and magnetic locks were installed to provide for limited access to the restricted areas. 23- 10′ x 14′ roll-up doors, each able to withstand strong typhoon winds were installed for access from the AOA to the ware house and the same number of loading bays. Roll up doors were provided on the public side for release of cargo. Five forklift ramps were constructed to complement the loading bays. 4 Ramps which were also ADA compliant were constructed at the Public Side.

A state of the art Fire Detection and Alarm System was installed supported by a combination of Wet Type Fire Sprinkler system and the FM 200 Fire Suppression system. A 1,000 KVa power supply and a 650 KW EPA compliant back up generator were installed to ensure non-stop supply of electric power. Guam EPA requirements were also incorporated in the design which includes a two phased sedimentation basin, provision of green areas and EPA approved equipment.

The building structure was designed to withstand in excess of 170 miles per hour winds and earthquake seismic zone 4 requirements making it safe, secure and environmentally compliant.

Certificate of Award
Guam Contractors’ Association 2009 Excellence in Construction Awards
Commercial $10-25M Category Winner