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The Home Depot #1710 – Guam

Black Construction Corporations’ contracted scope with THE HOME DEPOT, USA included the following features:

  1. 156,000 SF building materials/retail shopping building.
  2. 400,000 gallon cast in place concrete reservoir for domestic/fire sprinkler water.
  3. Site improvements including a 660 space asphalt paved parking lot.
  4. Highway improvements including storm water drainage, road widening, box culvert bridge, signalized entrance and repaving.
  5. Utility improvements including electrical distribution, water, sewer, and storm-water collection and detention systems.

The Home Depot


*Type of Construction: The overall structure was designed for Guam’s unique locale requirements which require the need for structures to sustain typhoon strength winds in excess of 175 mph and the seismic 4 requirements for potentially severe earthquake events. Constructed on granular fill, the continuous spread footings foundations support 10” thick tilt-up precast walls. The 6” ground slabs were placed to near “super-flat” standards. The roof steel joist open web structure is supported by steel columns and beams and the metal decking is topped with a 5” structural concrete topping w/ urethane roofing membrane. The building is finished with integral color EFS.

Certificate of Award

Guam Contractors’ Association 2007 Excellence in Construction Awards
Commercial $5 to $10 million Category Winner