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Hotel Nikko Piling Works, Hotel Tsubaki Project


PHR Corporation, a major hotel owner in Guam, engaged designers then sought bidders to build a 26 story annex to the existing Nikko Hotel in Tumon. Asanuma Corporation was engaged to construct the foundations and structure. Black Construction Corporation provided proposals to Asanuma and PHR for a practical and economical driven pile foundation solution using local resources. The prestressed piles would be cast locally and driven with equipment already on the island. After a period of evaluation, Asanuma sub-let the foundation piling to Black Construction. The initial design was for 690 pile locations driven into the limestone rock.


Contracted Scope of Work included:

  • Test piling to at locations around the site to determine ground conditions.
  • The client’s designer provided the permanent state requirements for each pile. Black Construction modified the pile design to accommodate the stresses of transportation, handling and pile driving, also early concrete strength for quick mold release.
  • Compression load test on various individual piles using 1000t of weight on a reaction frame.
  • Manufacture octagonal prestressed concrete piles of varying length and strength capacities at Black’s twin 400 foot casting bed in Barrigada, Guam.
  • Design and manufacture of pile male/female structural connections to provide an increased effective pile length.
  • Transportation and handling of the piles, up to 65 foot long, to site in co-ordination with the rate of pile install operation.
  • Co-ordination of the pile installation with the client, their designers and other contractors on site.
  • Driving 1300 precast piles to refusal or to depth limitation. Total length of piles, over 12 miles!
  • Return to previously piled areas to install additional piles as the updated design dictated.
  • Adapt methodology and resources as the foundation design evolved.
  • Comply with noise and environmental criteria in this sensitive tourist location.
  • Seven day per week piling for eight months to mitigate the delay to the overall hotel construction schedule by the increased pile numbers.
  • Preventative maintenance and support operations to keep the piling equipment operational during daylight hours.Contract No.:None Project Manager:

    Lito O. Gutierrez


    Original Contract Amount:



    Final Contract Amount:



    Final Contract Completion:

    June 2017


    Actual Date Contract Accepted:

    December 30, 2015


    Start Date:

    April 2016


    Liquidated damages assessed:



    Owner/Customer Point of Contact:

    TNN Guam, Inc./Hiro Oikawa, Assistant Project Manager of Asanuma Corp.


    Owner/Customer phone/fax Nos:

    Phone No. 671.642.8821


    Percentage of work performed:



    Was Offeror Prime Contractor or Subcontractor?

    Prime Subcontractor to Asanuma Kokuba JV